Prevention/Intervention services are integrated into all programming within SLV Behavioral Health Group. We offer training and consultation around suicide prevention, early childhood education, substance abuse prevention, violence prevention and community coalition work with the goal of increasing the health and wellness of the San Luis Valley families and communities. If you would like to talk to someone about these services please call Clarissa Woodworth 719-587-6967.

Prevention/Intervention Programming

Mi Animo is a community-based prevention/intervention program based in Alamosa. Mi Animo works closely with schools, social service agencies, juvenile justice, parents and youth to provide evidence-based prevention strategies to improve the health and wellness of our families and communities.

The programs are designed to increase the health of our families and communities and increase positive outcomes for our youth. We measure positive changes in increases in school grades, attendance, self-esteem, legal disciplinary/legal issues, family communication and substance use/abuse.


Some of the strategies include:

  • After-school tutoring and community service activities
  • Summer programming
  • Family Activities
  • Alternative Activities
  • One on one Mentoring, Group Mentoring
  • Violence Prevention programming
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education
  • Suicide Prevention Community Education
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Intervention

SLV Prevention Community Coalition

The mission of the San Luis Valley Prevention Coalition is:

“to develop a strong, sustainable, and effective prevention system in the San Luis Valley; to promote overall health and wellness for youth, individuals, families, and communities, and to comprehensively address prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Alamosa County.”

SLV Behavioral Health Group partners with the SLV Prevention Coalition which includes youth, parents, schools, cities, counties and community organizations to bring needed people to the table, to develop solutions and help secure resources to address emerging community issues and concerns. The coalition is currently working to prevent underage drinking, substance abuse, child abuse and violence and their consequences through public education, youth leadership, public policy and environmental strategy initiatives, resource development and collaboration. To talk to someone about joining one of the Prevention Coalitions around the San Luis Valley please call Kristi Hillis, 719-588-5948

For more information on our programming please call 719-587-6967