Everyone should have a safe and affordable place to live. For individuals with mental illness, housing is an essential component of recovery. Research shows a person with stable housing is more likely to be engaged in their treatment and recovery process and less likely to use costly hospital and crisis response services.

SLVBHG owns and manages approximately 40 units of affordable and subsidized housing for those that qualify. We lease to adults with mental illness who are enrolled in the SLVBHG system and we also rent to the general public. These transitional and permanent housing units are located in Alamosa County. We also have units that incorporate a supportive housing model that includes on-site independent living skills training and case management services.

How to apply for housing services

If you are currently a SLVBHG client and would like to apply for mental health housing services, contact Renee Gallegos 719-589-3671 and ask about housing options. Unfortunately, there is not always enough subsidized housing for everyone in need and you may be placed on a “wait list.” Once you are on your agency’s wait list, we will contact you as soon as a housing option becomes available.