Responding to Community Needs: SLV Behavioral Health Group Substance Abuse Services

San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group (SLVBHG) is excited to be able to expand its substance abuse services to help meet the needs in the San Luis Valley.  SLVBHG has a substance abuse team of 33 clinical staff, located around the Valley, that includes clinicians and case managers qualified to work with adults, adolescents and their families to treat those struggling with substance abuse issues.  SLVBHG Chief Operating Officer Kristina Daniel said, “We have highly trained, credentialed staff members providing substance abuse service including certified addictions counselors, master’s level or licensed clinicians.” Staff will provide an assessment/evaluation in order to develop a plan for treatment that is individualized to meet that person’s needs. Treatment plans often include education on addictions issues, group counseling, and individual counseling to develop important skills for recovery.  Recommendations may also include integrated treatment to help with underlying mental health issues like trauma, depression or anxiety.  We also have medical staff onsite in Alamosa that may provide medical assisted treatment when appropriate.  Clinical Services Director Victoria Romero also commented that, “It is really great that we are able to provide services that fit individual needs whether it is substance abuse or mental health services to truly provide integrated behavioral health treatment.  SLVBHG staff will also connect individuals to programs that can help with domestic violence issues, housing and physical health concerns when needed. Romero said her staff “will work with other social serving agencies (i.e., counselors, hospitals, health centers, schools, probation and human services etc.) to provide the appropriate level of care and support for the individual and we have added a full-time case manager to help facilitate those linkages.

If a community member needs more intensive services, SLVBHG has intensive outpatient programming that is designed to allow individuals to receive support and treatment and continue to live at home and attend school or work.  Many people struggling with addictions can be treated locally and stay in the community without the need to travel for inpatient treatment. Addiction Services Supervisor Marcia Candy, explained that, “If it is determined that a community member has a serious enough addiction issue to need inpatient care or a higher level of care than can be provided locally, the SLVBHG team will assist the client in finding appropriate placement.”

SLVBHG is also working on the ability to provide more substance abuse services throughout the SLV Valley.  Currently most of the groups are offered in Alamosa and Monte Vista.  We provide intakes and individual services in all counties and soon we will have more groups offered as well. “We have a very caring, very well educated team,” Daniel said. “This team is dedicated and passionate about helping people with substance abuse issues.  We are thrilled to have the team that we have. Every day they come in and give all they have.”   SLVBHG accepts Medicaid and other insurances for substance abuse and mental health treatment. We also have a reasonable sliding fee scale. Daniel stated, “We strongly encourage you to reach out to us if you need help, regardless of your ability to pay.  We have staff that will help you figure out something that works for you and your family.”  Individuals, family members, schools, and community agencies can call for consultation around their specific needs.

Please call 719-589-3671 and ask for Marcia or Victoria.






Picture From left –  Substance Abuse providers include:  John Anderson, LPC; Charlotte Valencia, LPC; Jazmin Vigil, MA, CAC III; Cynthia Stone, LPC; Peggy Eakin LPC, LAC; Laura LeBrun, MA; Marcia Candy LPC, CAC III, (Supervisor); Amanda Hodge, LPC; Jennifer Hotchner, LPC; Veronica Trujillo LPC, CAC II; Victoria Romero, LPC, LAC (Clinical Director); Julie Westerman BA, CAC III; Staff not pictured:  Joe Mendoza Green, MA CAC II, Gail Garcia, CAC III, Fannie Guyton, BA, (Case Manager); Amy Strasser Garcia, LPC, CACIII; Dr. LeAnn Sanchez, Ed.D., LPC, CAC-III; Jessica Eiseman, LPC; Therese Peloquin, LPC; Chris Allington, MA, LAC; Val Duran, LPC, CAC III; Trish Meek, LPC;  Daniel Romero, CAC II; Greg Demko, LPC; Tammy Obie, LPC; Dr Jim Grant Ph.D.; Susan Butler, LPC; Carol Cotter, LPC; Ryan Laverdiere, LCSW; Josette Trujillo, LPC; Anne Strong, LPC;

Stacie Russell, LPC; Matthew Carlson, LPC, CAC II.