Who You Gonna Call?

SLV Behavioral Health Group has mobile response services 24 hours a day 7 days a week that respond to any crisis within the San Luis Valley.

So what constitutes a mental health emergency or a crisis?

Many people are confused about what a mental health emergency is and what to do if they find themselves or a family and friend in a mental health crisis. As with any medical emergency, a mental health emergency can be life threatening. Many mental health emergencies are those involving harm to themselves like the threat of suicide or the occurrence of an actual suicide attempt. Occasionally they may involve the threat of harm to another person. Other mental health emergencies occur when a patient is decompensating or becoming psychotic and are unable to care for themselves. Friends, family and neighbors are often confused about what to do in the event of such an emergency because they do not know who to call for help. In the event of a severe emotional crisis it may be necessary to call 911 if there is any fear of physical safety or to get emergency medical care if someone has tried to hurt themselves and needs medical attention. Law enforcement and medical personnel will call SLV Behavioral Health Group for a behavioral health evaluation as soon as it is medically safe to do so.

So after I call what happens?

Emergency services staff from SLV Behavioral Health Group will provide an evaluation and recommendations for the individual that will help reduce symptoms and improve functioning and promote the safety and emotional stability of individuals with mental illness or those in an emotional crisis. Staff will assist individuals in developing and/or enhancing better coping skills and help family members, friends, etc. We will also help individuals obtain ongoing care and encourage services that may help individuals stabilize without having to go to an inpatient facility.

What if I or my family members still need support?

If a community member needs additional services in order to feel more stable SLV Behavioral Health Group (SLVBHG) has developed additional supportive programming that includes a safe, calm space (called a crisis living room) where community members could receive immediate support and treatment to focus on recovery. SLVBHG is also in the process of developing respite beds for overnight support for those community members that need a safe and supportive environment that allow them to stay in their community close to natural supports and personally known resources.

If it is determined that a community member is in a serious enough emotional or other crisis to need psychiatric inpatient care or a higher level of care than can be provided locally, the SLVBHG team will assist the client in finding appropriate placement. This could be in a psychiatric hospital or Alternative Treatment Unit (ATU) in other areas of the state.

So…Who you gonna call?

The state has developed a statewide Colorado Crisis Support Line that individuals can call if they or a family member or friend is struggling with a mental or emotional problem, getting into trouble with drugs or alcohol, having family or relationship problems, or problems at work or school. This number is 844.493.TALK (8255). This crisis line offers free, confidential guidance and support is only a phone call away.

You can also call SLV Behavioral Health Group at 719-589-3671 and talk to someone on our crisis team for immediate assistance or consultation.

If possible try and get help for yourself and others before it becomes a crisis. Call for a screening and see what assistance we can offer. So, who you gonna call? We hope you call us! We are here for you.


Clarissa Woodworth, Development Director

SLV Behavioral Health Group