When things don’t quite go as planned….

The last couple of months have been anything but normal.  The number of ways in which our lives have changed are countless and different for everyone.  But one common theme that is the same for everyone is that life has changed.  Whether you are a senior who has missed the last moments of your senior year, someone who has lost their job, started homeschooling, or is now alone, we know it can be hard.


Things to remember when times are tough:

  • *Happiness is a result of your approach to life, not what happens to you.
  • *What you care about most and what you can let go of.
  • *You ultimately choose how you react.
  • *Your resilience in other tough situations can help you now.
  • *Bad times don’t define you, your approach does.
  • *Worry, anger, complaining, or denial won’t change the situation.
  • *Those that are in your corner when things are the toughest.


Basic Framework for Self-care:

  • Physical – eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, get medical care.
  • Psychological – reflect, journal, engage in leisure activities, let others help you, music.
  • Emotional – have pleasant thoughts about yourself, engage in laughter/play, express emotions in appropriate ways, call a friend.
  • Spiritual – pray, meditate, read.
  • Find Balance – among school, family, relationships, play, and rest.

Just Breath….

Your week started out fine but now one little thing after another seems to be plaguing our lives. Major life events and catastrophic disasters have the potential to wreak havoc and cause significant stress, a fact that everyone recognizes. There are simple coping strategies that everyone can practice to reduce their stress.  There’s no one best way to cope, but there are things each person can do to help themselves deal with a bad situation, the situation is changeable or not.  The most important coping skill of all, is to remember to breathe.  Take time to breathe.  Things going wrong can make you feel angry, sad, frustrated, or even guilty. Figure out which emotion you’re experiencing.  It’s only when you know what your emotion is that you can cope with that emotion.


Take This Cup

Take this cup,

I’ve filled it up,

With love and joy and laughter.

Now it’s empty,

Fill it up.

Repeat, Forever after.

First, so full,

I’m giving all my love and joy in living

Then near empty,

Tired of living,

And I’m the one who needs the giving.

This cup, this cup,

This cup of life,

It’s always overflowing;

We give and get

And get and give,

Life’s balance keeps ongoing.

Take this cup,

I’ve filled it up,

With love and joy and laughter.

Now it’s empty,

Fill it up.


School-Based Specialist

Diamond Mobley: diamondm@slvbhg.org

Dallas Cooley-Gartner: dallasc@slvbhg.org

Erin Mobley: erinm@slvbhg.org


This blog was written by Diamond Mobley, Dallas Cooley-Gartner, and Erin Mobley.

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