During our organization’s 49 year history we have built our system to ensure the survival and vitality of behavioral health services in the San Luis Valley. We continue to develop new programs and services to increase clinical quality and improve service and efficiency that make a difference in thousands of lives every year.

We have worked relentlessly to create a state and regional network with other behavioral health organizations, medical facilities, and community agencies in the San Luis Valley and throughout the state of Colorado to build comprehensive programming and partnerships so we can provide an integrated health service for our clients and community agencies.

We know the next few years will present many changes in the field of healthcare. We also know that, by seeking excellence in everything we do, we can achieve our goals of more accessible and quality care for the citizens of the San Luis Valley.

The Mission of the SLV Behavioral Health Group


To improve the quality of life for the residents of the San Luis Valley


To provide access to quality behavioral health services that enrich lives and promote wellness. We are driven by a profound respect for human dignity and a desire to serve the underrepresented, the disenfranchised, and those who experience behavioral distress.

In collaboration with community partners, we strive to provide excellent innovative services that foster growth and independence. We are proactive and accountable to clients, co-workers, and our communities. Using sound business practices ensures the stability and continuity of our services.

SLVBHG promotes the development of service delivery systems through an approach based upon the following philosophy:

  • Mental health services should be driven by the needs and preferences of the client and/or family, and address these needs through a strength-based approach.
  • The focus and management of services should occur within a multi-agency collaborative environment and be grounded in a strong community base.
  • The services offered, the agencies participating, and the programs generated should be responsive to the cultural context and characteristics of the populations served.

Our Values

  • We welcome diversity in staff and services; belief in working as a family and modeling community.
  • We are committed to making the San Luis Valley a place where people are proud of their roots and heritage.
  • We are united by profound respect for human dignity, by a desire to serve the underrepresented, the disenfranchised and those who suffer from mental distress.
  • We believe people deserve excellence in the services we provide and utilize a holistic, preventative approach that supports people’s lives, strengthens families, nurtures our youth and empowers people.
  • We are progressive pioneers that utilize change to find innovative methods of meeting the needs of people including making services accessible to people where they live.
  • We believe our work should be fulfilling and satisfying. We strive to offer personal and professional development and provide leadership opportunities.
  • We stand on a legacy of activism that rests on a firm understanding that economic strength is the basis for self-determination. Therefore, we incorporate good business practices to ensure stability and continuity for our services.

Non-Profit, How that Benefits You.

The San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group is a private non-profit. Whereas for-profit corporations exist to earn and distribute taxable business earnings to shareholders, the nonprofit corporation exists solely to provide programs and services that are of public benefit.

Often these programs and services are not otherwise provided by local, state, or federal entities. While they are able to earn a profit, more accurately called a surplus; such earnings must be retained by the organization for its future provision of programs and services. Earnings may not benefit individuals or stake-holders. A private nonprofit is an organization that is incorporated under State law and whose purpose is not to make a profit, but rather to further a charitable, civic, religious, scientific, or another lawful purpose. The Secretary of State’s office grants corporate status to organizations in Colorado.

SLVBHG has a 501(c)(3) designation through the IRS. Once the IRS grants 501(c)(3) status, the organization is exempt from certain taxes and any donations to the charitable organization are tax-deductible. Many individuals and organizations prefer to make donations to 501(c)(3) private non-profits.

Leadership Team

The leadership team of the SLVBHG works collectively to provide strategic leadership and direction for the Center and for each of the individual programs to provide quality service and comprehensive mental health care to our community.

Fernando Martinez
Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Romero
Chief Operations Officer

Cindy Lopez
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Silva
Chief Clinical Officer of Intensive Services, Compliance

Leova Villalobos
Chief Clinical Officer of Integration Services

Toni Woods
Chief Human Resource Officer

Yolanda Lujan
Chief Information Officer

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the SLVBHG serve as volunteers to provide strategic planning and policy overview. The board represents the six-counties of our region.

Victoria Romero

Marcella Garcia

Richard DeHerrera
Vice Chair

Patrick Stanford

Laurie Rivera