SLV Community Corrections

San Luis Valley Community Corrections is a residential/non-residential program housing male and female adult offenders in a Conventional Community Corrections setting.

SLV Community Corrections mission is to provide a quality alternative sentencing option to institutional confinement for adult felons. In this role, SLVCC provides services to adult felons with the following primary objectives in mind:

“To protect the community by providing innovative correctional and quality treatment services, while encouraging individuals to attain socially acceptable behaviors that lead to responsible community living.”

Residents are referred to the programs from:

  • Judicial Districts throughout the state as diversion and/or condition of probation.
  • The Department of Corrections as transition clients and condition of parole (parolee).


The San Luis Valley Community Corrections Center is located at 2017 Lava Lane, Alamosa, CO. The facility is a 10,000 square foot building housing adult male offenders and a newly constructed 7,200 square foot building housing adult male offenders and  female offenders. The buildings provide a healthy environment which allows the offenders to progress toward rehabilitation.

All are welcome to stop by and visit our facilities and request a tour. If you wish to come by and visit please call us – the contact information is listed below.



Residents are monitored 24 hours a day. Random location checks and routine head counts are conducted as well as regular physical and facility searches. Random urinalysis and breath analysis are also conducted for alcohol and drug surveillance throughout the residents’ placement. When leaving the facility, residents are required to sign out with where they’re going and when they’ll return.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY to Prohibited Sexual Behaviors

In accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act – Community Confinement Standards 115.211, The San Luis Valley Community Corrections have a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of sexual abuse sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct towards residents by staff, contractors, volunteers, or other residents.


It is the goal of this agency to prevent, detect, and respond to any sexual abuse by:


  • Educating residents of their rights to be free from all sexual abuse, sexual harassment and retaliation for making a report. From both staff and fellow clients
  • Informing residents as well as staff, contractors and volunteers of our zero tolerance policy towards sexual abuse, harassment, and misconduct.
  • Providing safe facilities for residence
  • Identifying sexually aggressive behaviors and sexual vulnerability
  • Collecting data on sexual abuse and harassment reports annually, and use it as a guiding tool to improve effectiveness
  • Create and follow a security staffing plan, in which will be evaluated once a year and evaluated after a PREA violation, for effectiveness.


  • Putting in place: security cameras, confidential PREA reporting boxes, Posters and access to free CDOC PREA hotline
  • Advertising and enforcing a safe to tell policy, with no fear of retaliation,
  • Providing both internal and external sources for reporting an incident:  To a staff member, PREA Coordinator/ Program Director
  • Outside reporting to the Alamosa Police Department at (719)-589-2548
  • Third party reporting of all the above


  • Ensuring the safety of the victim
  • Preserve evidence on alleged victims and alleged perpetrators
  • Attending to medical needs by providing SANE services, emergency contraception, screening for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Provide advocacy/ emotional supportive services and mental health services upon request.
  • SLVCC/IRT will lead any internal noncriminal investigation to prohibited sexual behavior.
  • Law enforcement will lead all criminal investigation, with the support of SLVCC/IRT
  • Documenting all procedures taken
  • Reporting on the incident from both inside or outside sources
  • All sexual abuse allegation to be found substantiated and unsubstantiated shall be reviewed by the management team and the PREA Coordinator

In accordance with PREA – Community Confinement Standard 115.267 the San Luis Valley Community Corrections have a zero tolerance policy for retaliation against any resident, or employee who reports sexual abuse.

Monitoring for any client, staff, contractor or volunteer who makes a report or cooperates with an investigation, shall be put into place by the agency for 90 days. At the end of the initial monitoring process, the PREA Coordinator will reevaluate the situation to determine if continued monitoring needs to be put in place.

If need be removal of the alleged staff or resident abuser from contact with victims. Emotional support and mental health services, are available to reporters as well.

If a staff member is involved, he/she shall be placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

Monitoring and staff leave options shall be terminated if the agency determines that the allegations is unfounded.

Counseling and other services will be available to not only victims, but also reporters if requested.

If you would like to report sexual misconduct please contact any of the following:

  • The facility PREA Coordinator – Kristina Daniel 719-589-7514
  • A staff member
  • CDOC TIPS Line – 1-877-DOC-TIPS   (1-877-363-8477)
  • Local law enforcement
  • Write a letter to SLVCC @ 2017 Lava Lane Alamosa CO 81101


PREA Policies

PREA Annual Report Review FY 2015-2016

PREA Auditor’s Summary

Contact Information:

  • 2017 Lava Lane
  • Alamosa, CO 81101
  • Phone: (719) 589-5134  Fax: (719) 589-6778
  • Director – Kristina Daniel (719) 589-7514