Recovery, Empowerment, Hope, Support

Recovery: At the San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group, we are committed to offering you services that are recovery-oriented. We can help you to manage your symptoms and meet your goals.

Empowerment: We want you to have the power to make decisions in your life. We will offer you the information and support to self-advocate or to advocate for your child.

Hope: We know that hope for the future is a key to recovery.

Support: We will help you build the kind of support system that will help you to live a healthy life.

The consumer & family advocate for the San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group is here to help families, parents, and clients of all ages to access behavioral health services. The advocate tries to make sure that your voice, as a consumer or family member is heard at your community behavioral health center. If you have questions, complaints, or ideas, we would like to hear from you–call 719-589-3671 and asj to speak to the advocate or the Privacy Officer Amy Strasser-Garcia.