During our organization’s 40+ year history we have built our system to ensure the survival and vitality of behavioral health services in the San Luis Valley. We continue to develop new programs and services to increase clinical quality and improve service and efficiency that make a difference in thousands of lives every year.

We have worked relentlessly to create a state and regional network with other behavioral health organizations, medical facilities, and community agencies in the San Luis Valley and throughout the state of Colorado to build comprehensive programming and partnerships so we can provide an integrated health service for our clients and community agencies.

We know that the next few years has many changes in the field of healthcare. We also know that, by seeking Excellence in everything we do, we can achieve our goals of more accessible and quality care for the citizens of the San Luis Valley.

Our Leadership Team

The leadership team of the SLVBHG works collectively to provide strategic leadership and direction for the Center and for each of the individual programs to provide quality service and comprehensive mental health care to our community.

Fernando A. Martinez
Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Romero
Chief Clinical Officer

Jennifer Silva
Chief Clinical Officer,  Compliance Officer

Yolanda M. Lujan
Chief Information Officer

Toni Woods
Director of Human Resources

Clarissa Woodworth
Director of Communications & Marketing

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the SLVMHC serve as volunteers to provide strategic planning and policy overview.

Richard Pacheco, President
Jerry Gallegos, Vice President
Laurie Rivera, Secretary
Brenda Vialpando, Treasurer
Louise Sanchez
Alonzo Payne
Marcella Garcia
Pat Stanford